Le Serpent

The Serpent, the Darling Foundry's restaurant

The Darling Foundry’s restaurant, le Serpent, opened its doors on the 2013's new year eve for the great enjoyment of all our visitors. Its name has been borrowed from that of the old foundry, at the time when it was crowned by a huge depollution pipe.  No longer functional today, this industrial artefact is still very present in the building’s architecture and the neighbourhood’s urban landscape.

By investing in the Darling Foundry, culinary entrepreneurs Hubert Marsolais and Claude Pelletier have thrown their lot with a very artsy spot where their talent will have the opportunity to unfold in a high-level creative context. Thanks to these founders of the restaurants Club Chasse et Pêche and le Filet, le Serpent offers a contemporary menu at an affordable price, with an Italian accent and a strong personality, endowed with a unique wine card of high quality.

Le Serpent also plays the collector, integrating in the restaurant’s space major contemporary artworks that have a dialogue with the Darling Foundry.

Designed by architect Annie Lebel of atelier in situ in collaboration with Hubert Marsolais, le Serpent sublimates the space’s industrial qualities, with a ceiling height of over 5.5 m, very large windows and a concrete shell. Contemporary trappings contrasts with the building’s stark, raw look, offering approximately eighty seated places and a bar around which some thirty people can be welcomed. Aspiring to become a fixture for all occasions, le Serpent  is opened on the evening from Monday to Saturday, and for lunch from tuesday to friday. As the exclusive caterer for Darling Foundry events, a kitchen has been created for it over two floors as a mezzanine, so as to enable it to serve both the restaurant’s client and the Darling Foundry’s guests.

Welcome to le Serpent!



Please contact Maxime Beaulieu by email for further information about the Serpent: maxime@leserpent.ca