As a complement to the work Exhibition Audio Guide presented to the viewers of Feedback #6: Marshall McLuhan and the arts, Montreal-based artist Julia E. Dyck presents this time a sound and performative live intervention in Fonderie Darling’s spaces. 

Auditory Fantasy is a bilingual hypnotic lecture-performance on the topic of communication, technology, perception and consciousness. Relying on the voice, electronics and resonant instruments, Dyck creates a dense sonic space, experimenting with noise, feedback and the voice in an attempt to create an environment for collective fantasy. Together with the audience, the artist explores our relationship to technology and the vast and particulate spectrum of our surroundings. The performance is structured as a hypnotic and meditative lecture, in which the artist elaborates on information given previously in the audioguide, available to listen on CD players in the exhibition space. It invites the audience to experience the piece in a somatic way, while creating an immersive live soundtrack for the experience. 


Julia E. Dyck is a Winnipeg-based artist and radio producer who currently works and lives between Brussels and Montreal/Tiohtiake. Dyck studied communication at Concordia University and was a fellow in the international Post-Masters Art By Translation program at the École nationale supérieure d'arts de Paris-Cergy. She began studying hypnotherapy in 2021, and this is increasingly influencing her art practice. She often works in collaboration and is part of the radio collective Ffiles. 



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