Les caresses qui nous unissent : Doux soft club

The third evening of the haptics-based performance series invites doux soft club, which invites the public to dive into the world of sports by examining the sense of touch through materials and the movement of fabric on the body. Using movement and materials, the collective provides a gentle exploration that emphasizes bodily sensations and feelings. The evening ends with a Funk House DJ set by Joyce Joumaa.



6:00 PM / match nul, a performance by doux soft club
8:30PM / DJ set by Joyce Joumaa

Terrace bar open until 10PM



match nul is a performance resembling a playful sports session between members of the doux soft club collective. The players employ blue ergonomic balls and engage in gentle duels, using vertical and horizontal body positions and playing with acceleration, deceleration, trajectories, and ball exchanges. match nul is a space of mutual aid and benevolence, where no winners or losers exist. 

doux soft club is an artist-curator collective that gathers the artistic practices of Pénélope and Chloë, Mariane Stratis, and Marion Paquette. All four artists met during their bachelor’s degree in visuals and media arts at Université du Québec à Montréal (2012). doux soft club (2017) was born of their desire to see their practices evolve together through collaboration and exchange. The club aims to bring together diverse perspectives and welcomes collaborative work to facilitate sharing, exchange, and mutual influence. The work of doux soft club is showcased in solo exhibitions across Canada, including at Vrille Art Actuel (La Pocatière, 2023), Fondation Phi pour l’Art Contemporain (Montréa, 2022), AXENE07 (Gatineau, 2019), and Verticale (Laval, 2021,2019), as well as in group shows.


6:00 pm 10:00 pm

Place publique

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