Historically, young people aged 15 to 29 have often been excluded from public decisions and major cultural venues. With the Place for the Public campaign, we aim to provide an inclusive place for civic engagement and the dissemination of our youth’s burgeoning creativity by creating a citizen space for inclusive public consultation where, each week, emerging artists will demonstrate how a pedestrianized street can be inhabited.

To assert one's rights as a citizen is to take part in collective decisions and militate to be heard. On Place Publique, the section of Ottawa Street in front of Fonderie Darling, we organize free outdoor events where artists are invited to perform. By taking part in the activation of this space, you support culture and contribute to the revival of the arts community. 

Place for the Public is also an invitation to support the production and dissemination of contemporary artworks financially. The perks offered are varied, and your contribution to the campaign directly supports the artists and artisans of Place Publique. 



6:00 pm 6:30 pm

Watch the closing draw of the Place for the Public crowdfunding campaign.  By choosing the perk "Le Fortuit", 47 lucky contributors secured a chance to win a framed edition of Vikky Alexander's beautiful artwork, Blue Strip (2020), of a total value of… See more