Playing with fire

As part of Nuit Blanche, the Darling Foundry will occupy the Place Publique for a night of performances and installations. Addressing risk, the playful, the ritual but also the heat that fire provides, Ernesto Bautista, Minibloc, Fernando Garcia, Trent KS and Marilou Oxyde will explore the many facets of what Playing with Fire can evoke.

Simultaneously, the exhibition UNGROUND will be accessible indoors in the Main Gallery of the Darling Foundry from 7pm till midnight during Nuit Blanche.

Ernesto Bautista

A death for my children

I find the presence of a media culture scenario a right place to highlight  subconscius procesess related to the construction of collective and personal memory. I use a BMW burned car taken from a scrapyard as a sutil torch, where beyond the poetic image there is an object story with a context, names, places and lifes involved, but also just a sign on a global society. Where beauty of death is undeniable under dreams frame an image of a media report but also a political scenario.

Fernando Garcia

Works for Windows

Hemingway was able to capture the many complexities of Spain in a way that enchanted the world. His relationship to Spain was more than that of the casual tourist or even of the detached observer – Hemingway wholeheartedly celebrated all that was Spanish culture and lifestyle. However, few people know that Hemingway spent his final birthday in Andalucia and that it was one of the last times he would be seen happy.
Works for windows act as a snapshot for these unique surroundings.
Minibloc - Anne-Françoise Jacques et Nicolas Dion Buteau

Sound jars 
There are two of us, with sound boxes that are actually sound jars made of glass . It's cold, it's winter . One must move, dig holes, wear mittens, and  listen to see what happens.
Trent KS and Marilou Oxyde


The fire first perceived as something dangerous can take a completely opposite direction. By taming it fire becomes a source of comfort and pleasure.