Opening of Sylvia Safdie and Philippe Battikha's exhibitions

It is with great enthusiasm that Fonderie Darling will open its fall exhibitions on Thursday, October 28th, starting at 5pm. Ending the year on a positive note, the upcoming exhibitions will put forward the work of Sylvia Safdie and Philippe Battikha, two artists intimately linked to the space and its history. 

This opening also marks the long-awaited return of the Open Studios events, during which the artists in Montreal Studios and the artists in residencies welcome you to their creative spaces. 



6PM / Opening speeches

6:30PM / Open studios event with the artists in residency

6:30PM - 8PM / Continuous performance by artist duo Geneviève et Matthieu in their studio space

8PM / A brass quartet performance of Save Our Souls by Philippe Battikha, Amy Horvey, Etienne Lebel, and Blanche Moisan Méthé

> Exhibitions will remain open until 10pm 


*Please note that the vaccine passport (QR code) will not be required for the event as art centres are exempt from this regulation, as are museums and libraries. Mask wearing, hand washing, social distancing and a maximum capacity per studio will be required at all times. 


Main hall

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Small Gallery

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