Frances Adair Mckenzie

Frances Adair Mckenzie is a multidisciplinary artist originally from British Columbia. Rooted in feminism and a baroque imaginary, her work examines questions of materiality, composition, and form through… See more

Philippe Battikha

Trumpet player Philippe Battikha has reoriented his practice to sound art, converting objects and spaces in order to examine our visually-dominant environment and our ability to lend an ear to what surrounds… See more

Simon Belleau

Simon Belleau’s work in sculpture, video, installation and painting borrows from the tropes of theatre and cinematography. The mechanisms that define theatre and politics are often catalysts in his work,… See more

Michael Eddy

Conceptual and anarchist in spirit, the art practice of Michael Eddy spans various disciplines and mediums, such as writing, video, performance, drawing, and exhibition curation. Using a DIY ethic and… See more

Karine Fréchette

Karine Fréchette’s paintings and volumetric forms construct vertiginous spaces that translate a true obsession for waves and cascades of images. The artist’s gestures weave networks of optical patterns… See more

Jeanette Johns

The work of Jeanette Johns is based on observation and the gaze, focusing particularly on two-dimensional representations of space. Through drawing, photography, and etching, she elegantly explores scientific… See more

Marlon Kroll

Working within the vernacular of our possessions and surroundings, Marlon Kroll’s work is a form of speculative anthropology, tracing the uncanny connections between things and forms, people and belongings,… See more

Marion Lessard

Marion Lessard is a collective of five people represented by one entity composed of Marie Cherbat-Schiller, Alice Roussel, Jean- Nicolas Léonard, Claude Romain, and Élisabeth M. Larouine. Its unconventional… See more

Sandra Volny

Situated at the intersection of the acoustic and the visual, Sandra Volny’s art practice explores the perception of sonic space. Through walks, recordings, meditations, narratives, personal accounts, as… See more