Rémi Belliveau

Rémi Belliveau's artistic approach is rooted in the Acadian culture to which they belong, which is often caught between its past -its history, folklore, stories, customs- and its present composed of its… See more

Kuh Del Rosario

Kuh Del Rosario works with rubble accumulated from life, instigating dialogues of alchemic processes and tensions of weathering and decay. Attuning with things left behind, easily discarded, and the spirit… See more

Maggy Hamel-Metsos

Working primarily in sculpture, Metsos’ practice is a negotiation between the singular - the personal and the common - the cultural.. She is interested in the mechanisms of reduction, expansion and abstraction… See more

Walter Scott

Contemporary questions of representation, cultural production, popular culture and narrative construction are central to Walter's practice. His comic series, Wendy, chronicles the continuing misadventures… See more

Michaëlle Sergile

Working mainly with archives from the post-colonial period, from 1950 to the present day, Michaëlle Sergile uses weaving to understand and rewrite the history of black communities, and more specifically… See more

Shanie Tomassini

Shanie Tomassini is a sculptor whose work explores the renewable and cyclical experience of objects, places and ideas. Evoking sustainability, craft and ecofeminism, she reflects on the sacred that permeates… See more

Ayam Yaldo

Through acts of unearthing, reconstruction and world-building, Ayam Yaldo's practice extracts from historical and personal memories in relation to her Mesopotamian heritage. Ayam Yaldo immerses herself… See more