An Chorong  /  Woman Lying by the Window

With each successive exhibition, the wall behind the reception desk has become a privileged place to offer visibility to the artists in residence at Fonderie Darling. In situ proposals, recent works or research in progress; the projects exhibited are an entry point to an artistic practice, an invitation to meet the work of the artists who occupy the building, this place of life and experimentation. Arriving from Seoul to undertake her first international artist residency in North America, An Chorong's stay takes place during an important moment for the Fonderie Darling. Following a two-year dormant period, international artist residencies are beginning to resume, and Fonderie Darling is once again host to a myriad of presences temporarily residing within its walls.

Woman Lying by the Window features a portrait of An Chorong’s half-awakened friend, captured in the artist’s living room in Seoul. Originally taking on the form of a two-page spread in the artist’s photobook Fem, and later featured in an exhibition of the same name, the portrait is part of a larger series exploring the confines of feminine spatiality during the pandemic. Thrice reproduced, the photograph now takes shape behind the reception area, carefully hung across seventy-two pages. This blown-up format is favoured by the artist for its soft, fuzzy, and amateurish quality; its overt reference to the tactility of the medium, structurally reiterating the process of book assemblage.

In Woman Lying by the Window, An Chorong pushes the spatial limitations of the photographic medium, importing the space of her living room into the very site that she now lives and works in. Through reproduction, the artist’s photographs, publications, exhibitions, become spatially re-configured, gutted and reconstructed, dusted and rearranged, engaged in a constant process of translation and therefore reinterpretation. Looking through her lens, a window into and onto her life, the view from the inside of the home and the outside collapses. Like the resident’s studio, or the reception area of the Fonderie Darling, the photographic medium itself is transformed hospitable space, a welcoming invitation from the artist to cross over between public sphere and into an intimately private moment.

An Chorong

An Chorong was born in Busan in 1987 and works in Seoul using photographic medium as a tool. She was originally interested in three-dimensional works and majored in ceramic glass and sculpture in college. After her graduation, she was fascinated by efficiency, flexibility, and lightness of the photo media to employ photography as the main medium. 

Rather than creating photos that function as independent images, she conducted each project by collecting and classifying piles of photo images and she preferred to collaborate with artists using various media. From 2016 to 2021,  she worked in the collective Compression and Expansion (CO/EX) and has exhibited in various places in South Korea, including the Amado Art Center and the Art Sonje Center Museum in Seoul.