Marlon Kroll / Frigid. toppled, toes to bar, drag me across snow down mountain road

Frigid. toppled, toes to bar, drag me across snow down mountain road stems from Marlon Kroll’s current obsession with the human body’s defence mechanisms and capacity for self-regulation that makes it possible to associate it with a self-propelled machine. Exploring sculptural forms that evoke the skeleton, skin, and organs, the artist revisits the physiological structures filtering the micro-aggressions of the immediate environment and protecting our fragile interior. For the group exhibition Tout se confond, apparaît, puis s’efface de nouveau [Everything Merges, Emerges, then Fades Again], Marlon Kroll has created a hybrid object that embodies the duality between the biological and the industrial. From afar, the object seems to shape the familiar form of a sled or a snowplough’s front loader, while from up close, it evokes the contours of a rib cage; the wood cut-outs are as clean, curved, and precise as bones. The artist imagines a crossbreed between the bone structure that protects the heart and lungs and an aggressive piece of machinery that is essential to winter urban life. The association creates a sense of suffocation that makes us deeply aware of our materiality. Within the scope of the exterior and evolving intervention on Place Publique, Marlon Kroll alludes to the many compromises that the body makes daily to survive, at the risk of suffocating.



Place publique

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