2023 - 2026

Montréal, Canada

How do images affect us? How can a picture transform and shape us? Control and manipulate… See more

Through acts of unearthing, reconstruction and world-building, Ayam Yaldo's practice… See more

Working primarily in sculpture, Metsos’ practice is a negotiation between the singular… See more

Kuh Del Rosario works with rubble accumulated from life, instigating dialogues of… See more

Contemporary questions of representation, cultural production, popular culture and… See more

Shanie Tomassini is a sculptor whose work explores the renewable and cyclical experience… See more

Rémi Belliveau's artistic approach is rooted in the Acadian culture to which they… See more

Working mainly with archives from the post-colonial period, from 1950 to the present… See more

2019 - 2023

Conceptual and anarchist in spirit, the art practice of Michael Eddy spans various… See more

Montreal, Canada

Karine Fréchette’s paintings and volumetric forms construct vertiginous spaces that… See more

The work of Jeanette Johns is based on observation and the gaze, focusing particularly… See more

British Columbia, Canada

Frances Adair Mckenzie is a multidisciplinary artist originally from British Columbia.… See more

Trumpet player Philippe Battikha has reoriented his practice to sound art, converting… See more

Montreal, Canada

Marion Lessard is a collective whose work in video, installation, performance, drawing… See more

Situated at the intersection of the acoustic and the visual, Sandra Volny’s art practice… See more

Montreal, Canada

Simon Belleau’s work in sculpture, video, installation and painting borrows from… See more

Marlon Kroll is a German-born Canadian artist who lives and works in Montreal. He… See more


Lynda Gaudreau's work unfolds through series resulting from creation, research and… See more

Chloë Lum and Yannick Desranleau are interested in actions applied to materials,… See more

Through various detours, Guillaume Adjutor Provost makes use of referents, forms… See more

In Pascale Théorêt-Groulx's work, the notion of idiosyncrasy - the particular ways… See more

In his practice, David Arseneau constructs a world in which the creative process… See more

The practice of Celia Perrin Sidarous presents assemblages and arrangements, following… See more

Motivated by a need to communicate something deeply human, Nadia Myre's practice… See more

Grier Edmundson’s most recent works question, on the one hand, the conceptual and… See more

Yann Pocreau's recent research has focused on the narratives suggested by the presence… See more

Epernay, France

In an attempt to "describe the world" – or at least give an alternative representation… See more


Roy Meuwissen is an artist currently residing in Montréal. Originally trained as… See more

Montreal, Canada

In his practice Nicolas Lachance focuses on the ambiguity caused by the phenomenon… See more

Sarah Greig’s practice begins in drawing, in a history of a line, visual evidences… See more

Montreal, Canada

During the course of the last fifteen years, Mathieu Beausejour's artistic practice… See more


Karen Kraven’s work facilitates unexpected encounters between textiles, sculpture,… See more

Julie Favreau works at the crossroad between choreography and sculpture, mainly via… See more


Jessica Eaton's photographic practice combines the fields of art and optics. Her… See more

Montreal, Canada
Berlin, Germany

Bettina Hoffmann's practice focuses on the links being forged between reality and… See more


Montreal, Canada

Chih-Chien Wang’s practice involves the presentation of found objects and the process… See more

Chiraz, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Sayeh Sarfaraz’s creative world draws its inspiration from the political events relating… See more

Montréal, Canada

Josée Pedneault’s artistic work rests on the collection of images, the everyday and… See more

Montreal, Canada

Since 2006, François Lemieux’s artistic approach depends upon his narration or commentary… See more


Thérèse Mastroiacovo’s work is about art itself as an idea, artistic process itself… See more

Novi Sad, Serbia
Montreal, Canada

Milutin Gubash’s practice is multidisciplinary. He plays with narrative codes of… See more

Montréal, Canada

Guillaume La Brie uses a stratagem of economy to represent two monuments of art history… See more

Montréal, Canada

Jon Knowles' projects are characterized by an interdisciplinary approach. In his… See more

Olivia Boudreau pursues a reflection about the image, the body, experience and perception… See more


Montréal , Canada

Adad Hannah explores historically trenchant themes through elaborate bodies of work… See more

Colombie-Britannique, Canada

See more

Bruck/Mur, Austria

The conceptual practice of Scherübel calls upon diverse mediums, such as photography,… See more


By immersing the spectator in an imaginary, hypnotic world, Jérôme Ruby interrogates,… See more

Montréal, Canada

Isabelle Hayeur is known for her photographs and her experimental videos. She has… See more

Montréal, Canada

Suzanne Déry's works incorporate paintings, drawings, collages, and projections that… See more

Montreal , Canada

The artistic production of Anthony Burnham escapes all form of classification. Often,… See more

Montréal, Canada

A sculptor, Valérie Blass largely works with a wide variety of moldable materials,… See more